The Cuban Society of Pharmacology, the International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (IUPHAR) and their respective Section of Immunopharmacology, as well as the most prestigious Cuban institutions in the field of immunology, immunopharmacology, vaccine development and biotechnology sciences are organizing the Third International Convention IMMUNOPHARMACOLOGY–VACCIPHARMA 2020, at the Meliá Marina Varadero Hotel, in Varadero beach, Cuba. This Convention is the fusion of the 5th International Congress on Immunopharmacology (IMMUNOPHARMACOLOGY  2020) to be held in November  17-21, 2020 and the 5th International Congress on Pharmacology of Vaccines (VACCIPHARMA 2020), to be held in  November 22-26, 2020.

The key objectives of the Convention are:
- To  provide  a  progressive   state-of-the-art   report  for  scientists,   manufacturers, regulators and healthcare workers in the fields of immunological research and the development, research, preclinical and clinical evaluation, manufacturing and quality control of vaccines.
- To promote the experiences exchange, the presentation of results and the discussion on topics related with the activities scheduled, as well as creating a suitable framework for collaboration.
- To contribute to the acceptance of new products, methods and technologies.



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GENERAL SCHEDULE Day / Session ACTIVITIES 1st day /9:00-14:00 Registration 1st day/18:00-20:00 Opening Session and Lectures 1st day/20:00- Welcome dinner and Opening Party 2nd-4th day/8:30-13:00 Workshop and Symposium Sessions 2nd-4th day /13:00-15:00 Lunch 2nd-4th day /15:00-18:00 Workshop and Symposium Sessions 2nd-3rd day/18:00-19:00 Poster Sessions / Collateral activities 4th/21:00-22:00 Closing Ceremony 4th day /22:00- Farewell activity 5th day /9:00-12:00 Free time for exchanges among delegates

Convention Organizers

Main Organizers:

- Cuban Society of Pharmacology (SCF)
- International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (IUPHAR) IUPHAR Immunopharmacology Section
- Latin-American Association of Pharmacology (ALF)

Local co-organizers:
- Finlay Vaccine Institute (IFV)
- Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB)
- Centre of Molecular Immunology (CIM) - Finlay Editions
- State Centre for Control of Drugs, Equipment and Medical Devices (CECMED)
- Tropical Medicine Institute (IPK)-
-  BioCEN


Organizing Committee

President: Mario Landys Chovel Cuervo- IFV / SCF

- Silvio E. Perea - CIGB
- Ma. Victoria Guzmán- IFV
- Reinaldo Acevedo - IFV
- Dagmar García- IFV
- Ma. Acelia Marrero President - SCF
- Diadelis Remírez - CECMED
- Tania Carmenate - CIM
- Evelyn Caballero - CIGB
- Elizabeth González - IFV
- Indira Utria - IFV
- Adamelis Avilé- CECMED
- Ricardo Pérez - IFV

Local Scientific Committee

President: Idania Rodeiro Guerra - ICIMAR

- Silvio Perea - CIGB
- Giselle Pentón - CIGB
- Dagmar García - IFV
- Jorge Castro - CIGB
- Sonsire Fernández - Vaccines Finlay Institute
- Juliá Rodríguez - CENCEC
- Reinaldo Acevedo - IFV
- Luis Velázquez - ACC
- Yaneli Herrera - IFV
- Roselyn Martínez - IFV
- René Delgado - IFAL
- Mario Landys Chovel - IFV
- Sonia Resik - IPK
- Lizette Gil - IPK -
Lisette Pérez - CECMED

International Organizing Committee

President: Francesca Levi-Schaffer, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel (Chair, IUPHAR Immunopharmacology Section)

- Agustín Lage - BCF, Cuba
- Kevin Markey -NIBSC, UK
- Rolando Péz -BCF, Cuba
- Lesley Stark - Edimburgh, Scotland
- Valerie A. Ferro - University of Strahclyde, Scotland, UK
- Alberto Mantovani - Italy
- María Guadalupe Guzmán IPK - Cuba
- David Goldblatt - UK -
- Vicente Vérez - IFV, Cuba
- Rolando Ochoa - IFV, Cuba
- Rachel Tyndale - Canada
- Juliana Carvalho Tavares - Fed.Univ. Minas Gerais, Brazil
- Wim Vanderbergue - Belgium
- Ray Borrow - UK
- Arno van der Ark -Intravacc, The Netherlands
- Micheline Piquette - Toronto University,Canada
- Rafael Pérez Cristiá - CECMED,Cuba
- Adrian Llerena - Extremadura University,Spain
- Rino Rappuoli - Novartis, Italy
- Herve Bercovier - Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
- Carlo Riccardi - University of Perugia, Italy


Convention Workshops and Symposia and other activities

Convention Workshops and Symposia and other activities:

- Fifth Workshop on New advances in Immunopharmacology
- Third Symposium on Clinical & Translational Oncology (Solid Tumors/Blood Cancer)
- Fifth Workshop on Neuroimmunology, Neuroimmunopharmacology and  Neuroimmunomodulation
- Second Symposium on Multiple Sclerosis
- Fifth Symposium on Pharmacology of Cytochrome P 450 and transporters
- Fourth Symposiun on Inflammation and Pain
- First Symposium on Bussiness and International Cooperation on Biologics
- Symposium on Hereditary Ataxias


- Fifth Workshop on Pharmacology of Prophylactic vaccines
- Symposium on Meningococcal and Gonococcal Vaccines
- Symposium on Pneumococcal Vaccines
- Symposium on Pertussis Vaccines
- Symposium on Enteric Vaccines
- Symposium on Vaccine Technology and Bioprocesses - Symposium on Viral Vaccines
- Symposium on Animal models on vaccine development, QC and 3Rs
- Symposium on Technological Transfers
- Symposium on Patents and Business

- Second Symposium on NF?B

Main Topics

Main Topics

Workshop on Immunopharmacology
- Immunomodulation
- Adoptive Immunotherapy
- Advances in Immunopharmacology
- Immune response in cancer and infectious diseases
- Immunopharmacology of brain tumors
- Pharmacogenetics
- Pharmacogenomics
- Proteomics and Phosphoproteomics
- Novel designs in Clinical Trials
- Synthetic peptides as Immunopharmacological tools
- Basic Immunopharmacology: New therapeutic targets, newtechnologies and approaches
- Small mollecules in Immunopharmacology
- Molecular basis of Inflammation and Pain Autoimmune diseases and therapeutic strategies
- Allergy and hypersensitivity Transplantation
- Immunological tolerance
- Immunodeficiency and Immunosenescense
- Angiogenesis   

Workshop on Neuroimmunopharmacology
- Neuroimmunology and Neuropharmacology:
- Glial cells
- Biomarkers
- Disease models
- Stem cells therapy
- Psychoneuroimmunomodulation
- Blood brain barrier and clinical research
- Inflammation in neurological diseases
- Immunological mechanism and nervous system damage
- Neuroinflammation Neurodegenerations
- Multiple Esclerosis

Symposium on Cytochrome P 450
- Pharmacogenetic.
- Cytochrome P450
- Drug transporters, regulation and inflammation.
- Pharmacological interactions.

- Preclinical and clinical evaluation of biological products (blood products, monoclonal antibodies, cytokines, grow factors and immunological stimulators), Biosimilars, NF?B

Workshop on Prophylactic vaccines Landscape on Prophylactic Vaccination:
- Regulatory issues and vaccine market trends
- Health policies and immunization programs
- Safety studies, ethic issues and public acceptance

Vaccines against Infectious Diseases:
- Anti-Viral, Bacterial, Parasites vaccines.
- Conjugated and combined vaccines.
- Emerging and re-emerging infectious disease vaccines.
- Adult vaccination.
- Development of Vaccine Clinical
- Trials
Vaccine Production, Manufacturing and QC/QA:
- New approaches in Vaccine Technology
- Regulatory issues
- Animal models
- 3Rs Alternatives for current Potency and Safety testing Pharmacovigilance.
- Immune- epidemiological studies
- Vaccine Technology
Bioprocesses issues

Call for Abstracts

Call for Abstracts

- The Organizers will publish the full Scientific Program via Website with Keynote Lectures from well-known invited speakers and Oral Presentations chosen from submitted abstracts.
- Oral and Poster presentations should be clearly indicated.
- The Organizing Committee will have the right of choosing oral presentations.
- English is the Congress official language. Translation services will be not available.
- The Organizing Committee of IMMUNOPHARMACOLOGY-VACCIPHARMA 2020 will inform authors  via  E-mail  about  the  acceptance  of abstracts  not  later  than  one  month  after  the deadline.
- Deadline Submission Abstracts: April 15th, 2020.
- Foreign  delegates  must send their abstracts  by E-mail to: Dr. Mario Landys  Chovel
Cuervo, E-mail:
- Cuban abstracts for the Congress IMMUNOPHARMACOLOGY  2020 must be sent by E-mail to: Cuban abstracts for the Congress VACCIPHARMA 2020 must be sent by E-mail to:
Note: Abstracts submitted by using other ways will be not officially received
- Full Instructions to Write Abstracts: Authors should provide their abstract in Word format (Single space). Title: In Black and capital letter, Arial 12; Abstract text in Arial 10. Authors: Last name and first letter of the name using comas between every author (in black, Arial 10). The name of the author who will present the work should be underlined e.g. Rodeiro I, Menendez R, Remirez D. Institutions, Addresses and E-mail must be indicated (below the names and before the abstract  text). Abstracts  should  be clear and precise.  They should contain a brief introduction, materials and methods used, the results achieved in research and conclusions. 300 words maximum. Abstracts not following the structure above described will be automatically rejected.
- When sending the abstract, please, indicate the Congress (IMMUNOPHARMACOLOGY  or VACCIPHARMA), the Workshop / Symposium and the Topic in which you would like to be included. Besides, write the full name of the main author of the abstract. Each author will have the opportunity to send just one abstract to each Congress.
- The Congress program will be also printed and distributed on site.

Letter for Invitation

The Organizers will provide a letter of invitation to participants, if requested, to make easier the steps for obtaining visa and funds. This letter does not necessarily imply any financial support from the Convention Organizing Committee.

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